Junta military builds up more forces and.. Burma Army Junta military builds up more forces and weapons on the Thai-Burma border Burma army c 景觀設計ontinued build-up of more forces and weapons along the Thai-Burma border where the 澎湖民宿 Shan State Army (SSA-South) and United Wa State Army (UWSA) are strongly active, according to reli 酒店兼職able sources. By Hseng Khio Fah13 November 2008On 9 November, weapons were sent with 15 Chinese made Dong Feng si 小額信貸x wheel trucks from Taunggyi to Kengtung. Each truck was accompanied by 20 soldiers to provide security, said the source.A f 系統傢俱riendly Burmese soldier told the source that the trucks were carrying ammunition and shells for heavy weapons such as 120mm and 150mm howitzers.Moreov seoer, the junta has placed more soldiers between Mongton to Nakawngmu on 7 November. Villagers said they later saw trucks carrying ammunition moving to Mongjawd on 室內設計 the way to border bases where they are facing SSA and UWSA forces.“It is likely they [Burmese army] are building up their forces to be ready for a showdown,” said Col Yawd 房地產Serk, chairman of the Shan State Army (SSA-S).Over the weekend, the junta set up new equipment in Monghsat, reportedly to control fighters and bombers, said a source. In the meantime, th 商務中心e ceasefire group, UWSA has been training more soldiers and building more trenches and bunkers along the border of their domain in Monghpen-Hotao, south of Panghsang since July, according to sources. SSA-S U 新成屋WSA  .
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